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What you need to know about Magnesium

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Magnesium is a very important mineral our body requires to work right. It helps with more than 300 bodily functions, especially those that control how your muscles and nerves work. This too good to be true, magical mineral helps our muscles relax and recover and even strengthens bones. It also helps to self regulate the digestive processes and energy production in our body.

While magnesium is needed for many of the important functions in our body making it vital for our health and well being. However most of us in India, are magnesium deficient, though deficiency symptoms are not obvious in otherwise healthy people.

In ancient times magnesium was found in drinking water and also in foods as the soils were mineral and nutrient rich. While the water we drink is filtered and hence stripped of all minerals, even our soils are getting more and more depleted of this magic mineral and many other such important minerals. In todays time magnesium deficiency is more common than ever which is leading to more fatigue, depression and tired bodies.

Most of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are:

* Poor sleep

* Headaches and migraines

* Muscle aches and cramps

* Back pain

* Stress and anxiety

* Restless legs

* Menstrual cramps

* Baby’s growing pains

Getting enough magnesium could be transformative in improving your health and wellbeing, and all it takes is the simple, consistent habit of spraying your body with our Thrpy and Thrpymagnesium body mists.


Thrpy and Thrpy

Pure Magnesium Energy

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