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How is Magnesium beneficial to kids and pregnant women?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When topically applied to a pregnant woman’s belly the magnesium lotion enhances the teeth and bone health of the unborn child by more than 30%. It also helps reduce the fatigue and cramps faced during pregnancy. It aids in better sleep and better rest during pregnancy.

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Many kids experience growing pains especially in their legs in their early years which also makes it difficult for them to sleep peacefully at night. Topical application of Magnesium lotion on their legs at night helps them sleep better and completely fades away the growing pains. Kids have better attention span, focus and concentrate better when supplemented with topical magnesium lotion.

Designed for sensitive skin, Thrpy & Thrpy’s junior nourishing lotion helps calm your baby’s muscle growth pains and restless legs. Relaxes body and mind for a longer peaceful duration of sleep. Scientifically proven to aid in muscle and bone development. Formulated to improve and soften your precious baby’s skin. Its made in lotion form so as top use it as a daily Magnesium lotion after the baby’s bath to supplement a nutrient as well as take care of their delicate skin.


Thrpy & Thrpy

Pure Magnesium Energy

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